Obviously being in Dubai, everything is written in Arabic or English.

When you open a business, you must have an authorization, which is referred to here as License. This must be renewed each year and costs several thousand Euros, its exact price depends on its category and the commercial rights it grants you. Some areas of activity require you to have physical offices, others do not, some recommend insurance, guarantees, others do not, either. It all depends again on the industry you are entering. Following the opening of your business, the resident visa is automatically given to you, you even have extras for your future employees. (the number of visas issued to companies is limited by their size).

Let us come back to those who opt for the search for a job on the spot. In order to get the right job, the one you dream of, first of all arm yourself with patience and determination. You will also have to adapt your CV to the Anglo-Saxon CV model and of course write it in English. Know that speaking, reading and writing Arabic, in addition to English and French, is a considerable quality in the Emirates. So if, on top of that, you speak Russian or Chinese, you’ve won almost everything. However, luck can smile on you all and even sooner than expected, you should generally know that a person finds the right job between 3 to 6 months. What MVD advises you is not to aim too high at the start, but rather to seek a job in Dubai, no matter which one, just to have a first experience in the Emirates and also a visa that can allow you to settle here. Indeed, a tourist visa, alone, would allow you to stay within the country for 3 months and beyond this period you must imperatively leave it for 3 months as well, under penalty of a fine. It will then be very simple and quick for you to find a better job behind when you have a first experience in the country. In addition, Dubai companies have the same work system as the Anglo-Saxons. It is quick and easy to climb the corporate ladder when you are productive and efficient. You can see yourself having new responsibilities quite quickly, if you are motivated and determined, but for that you will have to forget a little about the comfort of the French employment system (here the working weeks revolve around 40 hours). The most effective channels for finding work in Dubai are websites and local recruitment agencies. As websites, there are:

Regarding recruitment agencies, they are each specialized in a specific field of activity, it will be necessary to find on the internet the one that corresponds to your profile. When you have located the agency specializing in your field of activity, we urge you to contact them and tell them about your objective. Repeat the operation several times until they answer you. You should know that they receive dozens of applications per day and can sometimes miss some or take time to respond. There is also the social network LinkedIn which works very well to be spotted and approached by your future employer. It’s up to you to develop your page well and include key information that will make your phone ring. Finding a job is not all, you also have to settle there. In Dubai, the real estate system requires you to pay your rent annually, semester or quarter. Plan a significant budget for your first steps in the city of your dreams.


Good research and good luck everyone.