Summer in Dubai with MVD (My Vacation in Dubai)

Are you coming to Dubai during the warmer months (May to early September) and have a lot of questions?

Here are some answers!

Dubai is a sunny destination all year round, with a hot season (May to September) and a milder season (October to April). In summer, daytime temperatures are around 40 degrees, and in the evening 25/30 degrees.

Despite a hot summer (May to early September), everything remains open and accessible.
You can enjoy activities, restaurants, lounges, swimming pools, beaches and everything else Dubai has to offer.
Some restaurant/lounge terraces are closed during the day but open in the evening.
As for MVD activities, they take place all year round, allowing you to fill your schedule. The only activity to cease is the sunrise in a hot-air balloon, which operates only from October to the end of May.

PS: For those sensitive to heat, we recommend a stay between October and April.

What activities can you do to cool off during this season?

Water parks :
Le parc aquatique de l’Atlantis : Aquaventure 
Nager avec les dauphins à l’Atlantis 
Le parc aquatique Wild Wadi
Le parc aquatique Yas Waterworld 
Legoland Waterpark pour les plus petits

Activities at sea : 
La randonnée en jetski
La session Flyboard 
La balade en yacht privé : plongez ou profitez du jacuzzi dans certains yachts et rafraîchissez-vous entre vos séances de bronzage.
Nurai Island avec ses piscines rafraîchies
– Le tour en speed boat en groupe ou individuel

Indoor activities: 
At The Top du Burj Khalifa  (possibilité de le combiner avec la visite de l’aquarium)
Aquarium de Dubaï Mall (possibilité de le combiner avec la visite du Burj Khalifa)
The Green Planet 
Ski Dubai et ses options
Spectacle La Perle 
Nager avec les dauphins
Spectacle de dauphins 

All desert activities are also available during this season, adapted to late afternoons when temperatures are less intense.