The bus tour is the best way for you to discover Dubai’s history and heritage.

Present in the biggest tourist cities, you will recognize its two-storey London style buses. Once on board, you will have the choice between the lower room or the one on the upper floor. To quench your thirst, a fridge with fresh water is at your disposal. To make sure you don’t miss any information, headphones will be given to you as soon as you get on the bus, to connect you to a guide in the language of your choice, who will accompany you throughout your visit.

There are different tours: the Classic, the Premium, the Deluxe or the Abu Dhabi & Dubai Combo. Here’s a detail of what the tickets include:

The Classic Ticket: Valid for one day, you will have the possibility to make three tours crossing different symbolic districts and spread out over the whole city. This ticket also includes admission to the Dubai Museum, a one-hour boat trip to Dubai Creek and a night tour of the city. Concerning the three circuits, the first one lasts one hour and takes you to the heart of the city with its surprising skyscrapers. The second one and a half hour circuit will go through the lively Marina district and will ride on the huge palm tree visible from space, the Palm Jumeirah. Finally, the last tour, lasting two hours, will pass through Old Dubai so that you can enjoy the historical and cultural heritage of the city. You can board from over 9 Big Bus stops, located near the most iconic monuments and attractions. You can get off the bus as many times as you like to explore the city and then resume the tour at your leisure. Buses pass at every stop, every 20 to 30 minutes, from 8:50 am to 7:00 pm.

The Premium Ticket: This is valid for 2 days and includes the same privileges as the classic ticket plus a one-hour cruise on the magnificent Marina port.

The Deluxe Ticket: Lasting 3 days, it includes the same benefits as the Premium ticket plus other extras such as the panoramic tour in the heart of the desert, where you will be welcomed with traditional hospitality at an Arab desert fort. You can enjoy Arabic coffee at sunset and interact with camels (mounted for a photo break and a 2-minute ride) and falcons, or take the opportunity to get a henna tattoo. You will also have access to the underwater labyrinths and the rooms of the lost civilization of the Atlantis Hotel. On the program, meeting with sharks, crayfish, albino alligators, rays and seahorses. Single entry. Open from 10am to 10pm.

The Combo Ticket: This is a one-day ticket with the same benefits as the Classic Ticket, but also allows you to discover the must-see attractions of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.


What the tariff includes
Your guided tour and the different attractions depending on the option chosen, see description above.

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